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abouttheauthor1Michael Staples holds dual licenses in Radiation Therapy and Depth Psychotherapy. He is the author of over twenty journal articles in these fields, and has worked in both large academic institutions (University of California at San Francisco, Stanford Medical Center), and in a number of private clinics and community based hospitals. While at Siemens Medical Systems, he helped design and develop the Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) method of radiation delivery now a standard in the Industry. He work Alayna in Paris, France developing a micro-MLC for Stereotactic Radiosurgery, and Resonant Medical in Montreal, Canada developing Ultrasound Localization. He is currently the Manager of Radiation Oncology at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital in San Francisco.

Michael is also a psychotherapist. He is the founder of Sonoma Psycho-Oncology, a 501c3 non-profit psychotherapy organization providing low-cost therapy for those involved with Cancer treatment, and founded the Center for Intersubjective Studies, as well as building one of the early websites enabling MFTs and LCSWs to earn Continuing Credits online.

abouttheauthor3In the 1970s, Michael was one of the primer U.S. writers in the martial arts field, his area of focus being Chinese martial arts. He was the author of four books; White Crane Gung-Fu (the first book about the White Crane style in English), Hop-Gar Kung-Fu (the first book about the Hop-Gar in English), abouttheauthor2Tibetan Kung-Fu, and Wushu of China (the first book about the Compulsory routine in China called Chang-Chuan, or Long-Fist). He published a little over seventy feature magazine articles, served as Chinese styles editor for one of the first Encyclopedias of martial arts, Chinese styles editor for a Dictionary of martial arts, and wrote a Special Edition magazine, in its entirety, entitled The Elegant Wushu of China, published by “Inside Kung-Fu” magazine, while he was a Contributing Editor.

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