About the Book

What the Book is About:

Cabin Second Poster Edge            Focusing Emptiness is about how the significant choices we make in life can be colored by the trauma we experience in childhood.

          It is about how we split off our most vulnerable parts, and how these parts can sometimes fall into a fantasy world where real world choices become entangled with the fantasy world designed to protect us.

          If you have ever looked back on your life, and wondered why you made that particular decision, that decision which turned your direction at that critical fork in the road, then this book will touch something of deep recognition inside you.

          But this is also a book about finding those split off parts again, and recognizing how delicately they had been calling to you all along.


Sample of Writing:

FromOf Taverns and Snowflakes

Crestline BW-1Crestline by CardCow.com          “Deep into the woods now, I could see an eerie, bluish green light streaming through the forest trees up ahead. The light was coming from a house near the road, another one of those vacation houses with a timer nigh-light installed. The light made little sense. Everyone knew no one was home. The light filtered through a bluish-green window shade, then through the falling snow and pine trees, lending a ghostly hue to the forest. I could hardly look at it, or at the shadows it cast into the trees round me as I sank my rubber boots into the crusty snow. But off in the distance, I spotted a shadowy, backlit figure silhouetted by the bluish light behind it. My breathing stopped as a feeling of absolute horror came over me. Whatever it was…it was coming toward me…”


FromThe A Shau Valley

The A Shau Valley 1          “Inside, the bunker was dark. It smelled bad and felt clammy. Snatching up a flashlight just inside the entrance, I switched it on. Wagner and the rest were crouching in the back of the bunker, bracing in anticipation of the rockets hitting home. I was about to join them when I caught sight of something moving on the walls. Cockroaches… Vietnam cockroaches… the big ones… and the bunker was filled with them. They were scrambling about in all directions trying to avoid my light, now jumping down from the ceiling and crawling up from the floor. My throat choked as we all began squashing the bugs furiously, but we couldn’t squash them fast enough and soon they were creeping up our arms and legs.”


FromThe Lost Child

Last Box on Abou the BookPeter and Wendy by F.D.Bedford (1911)          “Each passing week brought new disclosures as I became more familiar with the imaginal space I had discovered, with its mind/body dialogue. I saw my obsession with gongfu as a pull toward the mysterious, the dark, the hidden, where the lost boys of my soul had been waiting to be found. I recalled how deeply I was moved, when I first arrived in San Francisco, by Chinatown’s arcane and mysterious world, with its tong wars and hidden, back-alley secrets. It was this sense of mystery that called to me, smoothing the path toward leaving the “cool simplicity of a Japanese garden” that was karate, for the “Clandestine seaminess of a chinatown alley that was gongfu. A deeper part of me was trying to reclaim its split-off parts, reaching up through that nagging feeling that something wasn’t quite right.”


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