How to read the book

There were times, in the writing of Focusing, that my soul was shaken to its core, and I would become so tightly embraced by the tone and timbre of it all that I would find myself unable to fight back the tears during its writing. And when my work was done, and I would look down at what was there on the page, it often seemed as if some else had written it. I knew during these times that the story should not be interrupted, but should be told precisely as dictated. Therefore, the narrative its self  contains no jargon or analysis. It requires no background, or even interest, in the meditations of psychology. The book's analytical framework is entirely contained within the Epilogue, and a reader interested in this, should wait until the story is read, then look back in the light of this framework and reconsider what was read. My hope and wish for the reader interested in psychology is not so much that my book provides new academic insights, but that its overall effect will help to illuminate the shadowed corners of the reader's own life story. 

Northern Lights

              Photo Credit: http://www.irishcentral.com/culture/travel/irish-man-captures-stunning-time-lapse-video-of-the-northern-lights-video