Unconscious Breezes that Whisper in your Ear

Fork in Road

                                                                                                                                                                       Photo Credit: http://bit.ly/2deNH1F

Who hasn’t looked back on their lives and wondered how they got where they are?

Maybe things are fine, but maybe things aren’t, maybe you are in an abusive relationship, or working in a job that is eating your brain. Who hasn’t looked back and wondered… “what if I had turned right instead of turning left at that fork in the road, way back when...when I made that decision to go this way, instead of that?”

When I looked back, I saw those points. When I viewed them in the light of the Fantasy Net I had discovered, I could see how strongly the fantasies born in my childhood trauma had influenced those decisions.

Early on in Focusing, I wrote about running away from home, running away from my step-father, and how at a low point, out on my bike with my dog poncho running alongside me, I was somehow “rescued” by my Peter Pan fantasies. How I was suddenly no longer an eight year old boy with no shirt, no shoes, no money, and no direction. I was escaping from pirates, off on an adventure, headed … “that-a-way.”

That wasn’t the only time my fantasies dictated my direction. Later, they pushed me into the military, and later still, into the practice of kung-fu.

It’s was a subtle thing, something I didn't notice much. But that's the way it can be with things unconscious sometimes. Subtle  influences. Simple changes in the color of the mind's landscape. Unconscious breezes that whisper in your ear. And suddenly...here you are.